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Mastermind Groups For Entrepreneurs --- مجموعات العقل المدبر لرواد الأعمال

Riadi Club - نادي الريادي

Podcasts & Mastermind Groups بودكاست ومجموعات العقل المدبر

Podcasts - Listen to inspiring and practical Podcasts for the busy entrepreneur.

Mastermind Groups - Igniting 10x transformation for the entrepreneur and ambitious person through the power of Mastermind Groups.  Meet regularly in person or virtually with a group of your peers.

Podcasts بودكاست

We publish 4 free podcasts per month where we cover tools, concepts, topics and ideas that are transformational for entrepreneurs. The 1st and 3rd podcasts of the month are in Arabic.  The 2nd and 4th podcasts of the month are in English. There are several ways to listen to this podcast. Here's how:

Mastermind Groups مجموعات العقل المدبر

These groups consist of 4 to 10 non-competing members that meet virtually or in person on a regular basis.  This group provides you with the opportunity to implement best practices and keep you accountable with a group of individuals who do what you do (and may even do it better).  Through this group, you share and learn from the successes and failures of your peers, while finding solutions to common problems that keep many entrepreneurs stuck.  Simple in concept – powerful in results!

Looking for a Mastermind Group? هل تبحث عن مجموعة العقل المدبر؟

Looking for a Mastermind Group to join?  Then browse through the current Mastermind Groups.  Can't find a group that's just right for you?  Then just let us know so we can help you start a group.

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